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Santa's Little Yelper

Gift Ideas for Him

**Santa's Little Yelper** Happy holidays to you and your beloved man, boyfriend, husband, the person you are dating, significant other, whatever floats your boat :) 1) Trimmer – Body Groomer Every man likes to feel well-groomed, especially around the holidays. No need to get a subscription-based product here. I will save you some money and recommend items such as the Phillips Norelco.  2) Sports tickets NFL, NBA, and NHL are all live right now. This doesn’t mean you have to buy those super expensive Christmas NBA tickets (Although I am sure that would be amazing for those that have the...

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The Top 10 Christmas Movies of the 1990’s

**Santa's Little Yelper** There are few things that can put you in the holiday spirit more than a classic holiday movie (except watching a classic holiday movie while wearing your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater, of course). Every year Hollywood comes out with a new slew of Christmas flicks and while some are certainly better than others, many would agree that the 90’s definitely takes the cake when it comes to decades that rocked the holiday movie theme. From the Home Alone series, to Tim Burton and A Nightmare before Christmas and the remake of A Miracle on 34th Street, the...

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16 Ideas for Throwing the Best Friendsgiving Party

**Santa's Little Yelper** Friendsgiving is the way less stressed, slightly more drunken cousin of Thanksgiving. This celebration has all the deliciousness of the actual holiday, without the forced family get together. Throw your own Friendsgiving this year! Get in amazing fun quality time with your dearest and nearest friends before holiday obligations take over your life until January 2nd.  1) Pre-Holiday Weekend Thanksgiving of November is always reserved for familial obligations for most of us. Even the tightest knit group of friends is bound to have separate plans for turkey day. The weekend before or after is the informal Friendsgiving...

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Best Secret Santa Gifts

**Santa's Little Yelper** It’s beginning to look a lot like….Christmas? Soon enough! The season has a tendency to sneak up on us and then we panic when we run out of time to purchase meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones. Secret Santa is a well-known gift exchange custom among co-workers, family and even friends where participants anonymously draw each other's name from a hat and the rules are in the title of the game - the names you pull must remain a secret! The key to gifting a great Secret Santa present is making the gift as personal as...

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Tips to Throw the Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

**Santa's Little Yelper** Theme Party + Christmas. What do you think of when you see these words? If anything other than pure joy and bliss are what come to mind, we’d be shocked! There are few things that can create more happiness a ugly Christmas sweater party! Whether you’ve hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party before or not, here are some tips to make yours the best of the best. Invitations A good party always starts with great invitations. Make your invitations fun and memorable and your guests will surely be more excited about attending your party. Make sure that you stress...

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