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Best Secret Santa Gifts

**Santa's Little Yelper**

It’s beginning to look a lot like….Christmas? Soon enough! The season has a tendency to sneak up on us and then we panic when we run out of time to purchase meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones. Secret Santa is a well-known gift exchange custom among co-workers, family and even friends where participants anonymously draw each other's name from a hat and the rules are in the title of the game - the names you pull must remain a secret! The key to gifting a great Secret Santa present is making the gift as personal as possible while making sure to stay within the set gift price amount. This year, be the number one Santa with the best gifts to give.

More often than not, Secret Santa takes place among a group of coworkers or acquaintances that may not know each other too well. Taking the time to get to know something about the person you drew for Secret Santa will make the gift giving experience more meaningful. There’s a gift for everyone - the cook, the adventurer, the techie geek, even the coffee connoisseur.

The Coworker

Secret Santa is an excellent team building experience and allows coworkers to exchange gifts without having to purchase ones for each individual team member. You may not know much about your coworker but at the very least you know where they sit during the day and what their desk looks like. Think: funky desk organizers, fun drink coasters or a calendar for the new year. Our favorite Secret Santa gift for the Coworker? Quirky desk accessories that plug into your USB consoles like this can cooler. 

The Fashionista

Whether gifting a male or a female, gifting clothing items may be tricky. Sticking with one-sized items such as socks, scarves, mittens, watches or backpacks & purses is always a safe bet. You can also never go wrong with a hilariously awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater that they’ll be able to enjoy all throughout the holiday season!

The Adventurer

Does your Secret Santa seek the thrills of the outdoors? Are they passionate about traveling and sharing their experiences? Do they keep a fit and healthy lifestyle? The following gifts would go a long way for those that seek adventure, both indoors and outdoors: an armband or belt that allows you to run or exercise with your phone or music device; a custom-designed water bottle; Bluetooth wireless headphones; a cordless, portable mini speaker; earmuffs with built in headphones; personalized ID tags for suitcases; or even this interactive travel map that showcases all of the places they have been.

The Foodie

Whether your Secret Santa loves to eat or cook to entertain others, there is a foodie gift for each! Try a customized apron; or subscriptions to meal preparations sent to your door; or random kitchen accessories.

The Thirst Quencher

For the lush or the obsessive coffee drinker, these fun gifts will quench your Secret Santa’s thirst. Festive bottle stoppers paired with their favorite bottle of wine; a cocktail mixer kit; a pair of beer mugs, wine glasses or coffee cups; or a cold brew press to  satisfy this year’s hottest coffee craze.

The Playful One

Whether your Secret Santa enjoys board games, trivia night or is the classic know-it-all there is a gift that will speak to each one’s playful side. Your Secret Santa will win over party guests with Cards Against Humanity at their next soiree. Score mad points at your next Trivia Night with books with fun & random facts and weird laws in each state.

When all else fails, resort to gift cards

While giving a gift card isn’t our first suggestion, they are a great way to allow your Secret Santa to purchase something you know they really want and will enjoy. Simply gifting a card in an envelope or gift card box, however, may seem lazy. It’s all about the presentation. Try putting your card in a gift basket with candy, flowers or funny dollar store items. Who doesn’t love the movies? Purchase a gift card to your local movie theatre and present it in a basket full of candy, microwave popcorn, maybe even discounted movies. Staging your gift card will show that you put time into your gift and make the gift-giving experience that much more unique.

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