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Santa's Little Yelper

Gift Ideas for Him

by Sumit Batra 12 Nov 2019

**Santa's Little Yelper**

Happy holidays to you and your beloved man, boyfriend, husband, the person you are dating, significant other, whatever floats your boat :)

1) Trimmer – Body Groomer

Every man likes to feel well-groomed, especially around the holidays. No need to get a subscription-based product here. I will save you some money and recommend items such as the Phillips Norelco. 

2) Sports tickets

NFL, NBA, and NHL are all live right now. This doesn’t mean you have to buy those super expensive Christmas NBA tickets (Although I am sure that would be amazing for those that have the extra expendable income or want to spoil their man). But, check out the common ticket broker sites and compare – SeatGeek, StubHub, Ticketmaster to name a few. Hint: sometimes seats get pretty cheap on the day of the game. This could be right before or after Christmas as well… They don’t have to be Row A1 seats to enjoy and share the experience.

3) Dress shirts on a budget

Does your man need some new attire? Kohl’s has some really good quality dress shirts on sale for cyber holidays and in general. You can get 5 super quality shirts for around $30-50 depending on the sale. This is another useful thing for a man in need of a professional wardrobe upgrade. You will have the shades for the winter and the spring ready to go. If you don't want to deal with the holiday shopping rush, just buy these on their website.

4) Funny socks

Funny socks are hilarious and useful! Think pug socks, or customized socks with your baby on it (that is more adorable than funny). Maybe something that is an inside joke amongst the two of you... It is a small gesture and an excellent stocking stuffer. But a man with humor shall appreciate it. 

5) The upgraded version of his favorite brand of alcohol

Step it up a notch – think Johnny Walker Black instead of Red. Don’t get crazy now and go with Johnny Walker Blue! Save your money lol… Most brands have a reserve or slightly better version. Like Gentlemen’s Jack instead of Jack Daniels.

6) Sports gear

Maybe he cannot find his old basketball… or needs some new tennis rackets. Wow, that’s all it takes to make him happy? Yes, men love these simple gifts.

7) ESPN+

For $5 a month, or $50 for one year, you can get him access to the best in current and classic sports. Filled with highlights, documentaries, movies, etc... It is an avid sports fan's paradise.

Hint: If you happen to want access to Disney+, then spend a few more dollars (ESPN+ is included with Disney+). After he watches the big game, he can cuddle with you and watch a cute flick or many other movies and entertainment owned by the Disney brand.

8) Concert Tickets

I am sure he has a favorite musician or band – check the schedule for when they are coming into town. As a bonus, you will get to tag along for a fun date, or a much-needed night out.

9) Wireless headphones 

This is a must. Especially if he likes to run, go to the gym, uses headphones, or is in desperate need of a new pair. You can go all out with Beats by Dre headphones or find some very respectable (very affordable) alternatives on Amazon – read the reviews. I decided to buy the previous version of the Beats by Dre headphones on eBay and saved a lot of money for what is essentially the same thing. This is a gift he will love!

10) A pair of sporty shoes

Does he need a new pair of shoes? Whether that means running shoes or casual tennis shoes… every man loves a pair of Nikes. Or New Balances, or whatever his flavor is….  

If you do decide to get shoes for an avid runner…we recommend to stay high quality – think $70+ Asics. 

For casual tennis or basketball shoes – you can seriously find a brand new pair at Ross. Marshalls, or eBay for cheap…. Like really nice ones too. Think $30-$40 for a pair of Nike basketball shoes for example.

11) The Outdoorsmen  

If he is into the outdoors, can you think of something he is missing related to camping gear? Does he need hiking shoes? If you can’t think of an exact need, you can always do a gift card to REI or your local camping store.

12) Video Game Certificate

Does he own a Nintendo Switch or another modern console that he loves to play? Get him a gift certificate to buy the game(s) he would love to play. Lots of the modern consoles have digital downloads, and this is something he may even be able to play on Christmas day.

Or if he misses old school video games, get him a nostalgic SNES classic or Sega Genesis classic for hours of fun and serious nostalgia.

13) Amazon Gift Card

Yes, I know it is the easy way out. But you can’t go wrong with anything you want to be brought to your door-step. This is flexible – you can do $20, $50, or $100 – whatever is comfortable for your budget. 

14) Baked Goods

Nothing says I love you like a freshly made (you fill in the blank). Do you have a specialty you like to make? Or perhaps you can check out Pinterest for some other great recipes. The way to his heart is through the stomach.

15) Quality time

Don’t stress the holidays….even if you can’t get him a shiny new toy this year. Share a glass of wine and spend that quality time with your beloved. (Even a small bottle wine makes a great gift). If he truly appreciates you, your time is the most abundant gift you can provide. Bring some positive and warm energy to the Christmas season.

Thank you for reading... If you happen to be going to a Christmas Sweater Party, or hosting one, e sure to check out our awesome sweaters for men and women. Some of our classics will make a great gift and keep him warm through the holidays and winter.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!



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